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The Rendorn kennel was established in 1965 from the out set it has been the intention of myself and of my wife Dorothy to breed healthy typical Staffordshire bull terriers that fitted our interpretation of the breed standard as closely as possible.

After years of mediocre successes our first major break through came in 1976 with the birth of CH Rendorn Deadly Nightshade. From then on came a continuous line of both Champion dogs and bitches bred through careful planning and selection using the best stud dogs available to us at the time. This process of line breeding and careful planning has produced a total of 9 UK Champions a breed record for any British kennel since the breed was registered at the kennel club in 1935. As well as producing 9 Champions of the breed we have also produced around 80 CC and Res CC winners,which also includes junior warrant holders.

We are no longer active as breeders but our interest in the development of the breed remains as strong as ever. Dorothy and myself judge the breed at all levels of competition.

This site has been put together to provide a pictorial view of the Rendorn kennel over 35 years. We hope you enjoy looking over the dogs that have given us many happy years as breeders of what we consider to be a unique breed

Norman Berry 2008